Other Side of the Mirror # 59 -REALLY!?! – With Bri & Alex, Instant Reaction to Quite a Common Fairy

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This episode is our instant reaction to Quite a Common Fairy, which is surely the most controversial episode ever of Once Upon a Time. We attempt to do our traditional five likes and five dislikes but framed that discussion around the following question – can you enjoy an episode but still hate what it means about the direction of the show? We want your answers.

And play along with us as we reveal the answers to these scintillating questions!

  • Which character did Alex say is a mushy piece of crap?
  • Which character does the show REALLY consider the dark one?
  • What is the ONE THING the show has done right this season?
  • Which television trope did the show just double down on? 
  • What is the ONE THING that Bri and Alex have been right on along? 
  • Which character did the show decide to go ALL IN on?
  • Which soap star does Lana Parrilla have the most in common with?

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