Other Side of the Mirror # 55 – Throw That Fish Back Instant Reaction to Heart of the Truest Believer

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Generally we do five likes and five dislikes, but in this case we forgot to count!   Dislikes:  Our biggest dislike was Neal – everyone getting schmoopy over Neal, Mulan/Aurora/Philip only existing to prop up Neal, the Neal/Emma romance – all of it was like watching a brand new unappealing show.

We were disappointed with the show’s decision to go all in on Emma v. Regina over Henry. Killing Tamara in that awful way, without answering any questions about the entire story arc from season 2 just makes us feel like no question will ever be answered.

Where is Belle? Is she only allowed out when Rumple needs her?  Also Robin Hood. Who even cares?

Likes:  Our likes included people discussing their baggage! Jared Gilmore/Henry getting a great storyline! Neverland so far! Snappy Regina lines! Mulan and Aurora exist!

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