Other Side of the Mirror # 53 – TV in the Twitter Age, It’s the Characters Dammit

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On this episode of the podcast we talk about TV in the Twitter Age! 2013’s San Diego Comic Con is our jumping off point for discussion about the challenges facing showrunners and fans as the new critics. Topics include: How a fair question and a fair answer managed to reveal OUAT’s tone deafness toward gay viewers. Reader response theory applied to TV – showrunner intent is not the whole story. How a slew of other shows and creatives handle fan criticism. How A&E’s desire to be the M. Night Shyamalan  of TV undermines the show and it’s PR. Subtext, gay baiting and family shows, oh my!

Since this show covers a huge number of topics here are some timestamps:

Time Stamps 03:30 SDCC: Fair Question and Fair Answer 09:00 Hate Tweets directed to SQ & Adam’s Total Twitter Meltdown 15:00 TV in the Twitter Age: It is Not 1995 22:00 Show Runner Roundtable – show runners from Dexter, Good Wife, Boardwalk Empire, Bates Motel and Scandal discuss how they draw from fan reax and criticism; OUAT adoption mess 38:00 We don’t watch for the shocking surprise! 43:30 Subtext and its Cousin, Gay Baiting 48:30 OUAT and Teh Gayz: Bri talks about A&E’s obsession with their own vision and unwillingness to talk about about anything until they are ready 53:00 We discuss how other shows handle gay issues and Alex goes in on OUAT for blowing it with gay fans 1:00:00 “Gays don’t belong on OUAT” 1:03:30 “I support gays, blacks, vegetarians BUT” 1:08:40

Shows referenced include OUAT, Buffy, My Little Pony, Mad Men, The Sopranos, Lost, Tru Blood, St. Elsewhere, Twin Peaks, The Fosters, Orphan Black, OITNB, Law and Order: SVU, Felicity, Friends, Warehouse 13, Girls, Dexter, and more! We watch a lot of TV!

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